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January 09, 2005

How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered The World, by Francis Wheen.

“From UFO scares to dotcom mania, Francis Wheen’s hilarious and gloriously impassioned polemic describes a period in the world’s history when everything began to stop making sense”.

Caroline gave it to me for Christmas, and I can thoroughly recommend it.


January 08, 2005

Oh dear. To call our performance poor would be an insult to poor teams everywhere.

According to the BBC, Ian Holloway said: “I think we lacked quality in the final third. Even with all the injuries and suspensions we had, I still expected those out there to show more quality and purpose.”

I do sometimes wonder which game Ollie is watching. Maybe there’s another one going on each Saturday round the back of Loftus Road that I don’t know about? Or did I go to Reading by accident (like Sir Les did presumably)?

Yes, we lacked some quality in the final third, but we lacked a damn site more elsewhere. Admittedly we had about seven first team players missing, and a totally makeshift defence, but even so.

Once again it’s the midfield that worries me most. Basically, there’s a big hole where it should be. Marcus Bean isn’t so much hopeless, as just ineffectual. He doesn’t seem to read the game at all, and is really anonymous, which is a bit of a flaw in a central midfielder if you ask me.

Martin Rowlands played alongside him today (which I was hoping might happen), but unfortunately it didn’t do him (or us) much good. He looked good for about the first ten minutes, then seemed to get bored, and reverted to the sort of listless drifting around the pitch which seems to be his forte currently.

Ainsworth was all energy again on the right, but didn’t have much joy. Cook showed flashes of skill interspersed with long periods of lightweight hopelessness.

McCleod wasn’t too clever sometimes at left back, but at least he got forward, didn’t shy away from the challenges, and looked like he cared.

My ratings: Day: 5 no blunders, but doesn’t look commanding Branco: 3 right back? I think not Shittu: 6 did ok, but didn’t look happy Edgehill: 4 doesn’t look half the player I thought he was going to be McCleod: 6 considering he’s a striker, did ok at leftback Ainsworth: 7 full marks for effort Bean: 3 oh? did he play? must have missed him Rowlands: 4 lacked composure Cook: 5 still not the complete article by a long stretch Gallen: 6 the ref gave him no help, but he soldiered away Cureton: 6 likewise really, a bit anonymous, but no real support

Subs: Padula: 5 wasn’t on long, did nothing wrong, why didn’t he start? Thorpe: 5 nice to see him back, shame he didn’t get more time


Jonathan Furness posted some good photos from the ULTRALAB christmas party.


January 05, 2005

I’ve been writing up little biogs of some of the projects that I worked on - for no particular good reason that I can think of.

Haven’t done them all yet, but the stories behind [Black And White], [Championship Manager] and [Football Manager] are all fairly complete.


January 04, 2005

A great picture, which Tom Smith pointed out to me. I haven’t a clue about the maths, but I bet that Kevin Marks would know…

(via the other blog)