Moving Things Around

When I originally created the Elegant Chaos site, it had a “news” section, which over time mutated into a blog.

At a later date I realised that personal things and work things were getting a bit muddled up, so I split off the personal stuff to this blog instead.

In doing so, I envisaged the Elegant Chaos blog going back to essentially just being a “news” service, and indeed most of the posts there were just announcements about software releases.

At the moment there aren’t really any software releases, however. In addition, this, which was supposed to be my personal blog, still ended up carrying a lot of technical posts, as well as completely non-technical ones.

So I’ve decided to re-organise things once again. It’ll keep you all on your toes, if nothing else.

As a result I’ve moved back most of the technical posts to the Elegant Chaos blog, and henceforth decree it as the place I’ll write about the technical things I’m doing. Born Sleepy will very much remain active, but will be restricted to non-technical things.

I expect I’ll end up changing it all again in a while, but let’s see how long this plan remains in force!