I’ve decided that it’s time for a change, and to move on from my work with Bohemian, so from the end of this year I’ll be footloose and fancy-free.

I intend to have a break, take a bit of time to recharge my creative batteries, and then look for new challenges.

It was 2012 when I started contracting (part-time at first) on Sketch, and a lot has happened since. We’ve gone from having just the two original founders, to a staff of 20+ great people.

It’s been intense, rewarding, challenging and fun, and I’ll always be grateful to Pieter and Emanuel for giving me the opportunity to work on such a great product, and to help to build such a great team. I wish them continued success and all the best for the future.

For me personally though - I’m really excited at the prospect of starting a new chapter in 2018. Watch this space!