Linode migration

As I’m now selling software from my website, and as I’m also planning to relocate to Stornoway in the next few months, I decided that it was time that I moved it off the trusty Mac Mini that sits under my desk here, and back onto some sort of remotely hosted service.

After taking advice from a number of people I went for Linode, which comes highly recommended*.

So far the transition has been fairly painless, and the linode service seems very easy to set up. Migrating my server contents is not trivial as I have multiple virtual hosts with a variety of configurations, but hopefully I’ve got it pretty much done now, and the DNS records should be updating as we speak to point to the new server.

If you notice any broken links on the site in the next few days, please let me know, since I have taken the opportunity to move one or two things around and I’m almost certain to have missed an update somewhere…