My Forking Blog!

I’ve decided to split off my personal pages and blog from the main Elegant Chaos, and move them to this site instead.

For now this new site is a clone of the old one, but they will gradually diverge. I want to simplify the main Elegant Chaos website and remove some of the more personal stuff from it so that it’s a little less confusing for people who arrive at the site simply wanting to know about Elegant Chaos and the software we sell.

If you have an RSS/Atom subscription to my blog (or the whole of the Elegant Chaos site), you might want to update it to point here instead.

For the sake of history, and to preserve old links, I will continue to host all previous posts on both sites, but as time goes on I will set up some permanent (http 301) redirections to try to teach the search engines etc where the definitive copy now lives.