So Much For Open Letters

Ah well, eventually I crumbled and renewed my season ticket… so here’s to another year of fun and frolics at QPR.

I can’t help feeling a little underwhelmed at the appointment of Jim Magilton. Not that I have anything against him at all, and Ipswich have played some attractive football in the last few years.

However, he does appear to have been sacked by the Ipswich chairman having only got them to roughly the same league position that we were in when Iain Dowie and Paulo Sousa both, ahem, departed, from QPR. Which makes one wonder what exactly the QPR board are looking for in a manager.

My fear is that they are looking for a yes man who will put up with the high levels of interference from the board that the previous three or four managers are alleged to have had. My fear is also that the fact that they met with Magilton four times has more to say about the number of other managers who were also interviewed, and who quite possibly rejected QPR (rather than the other way round). There are a lot of managers unemployed at the moment who have a better pedigree on paper - one wonders how many of them have said “QPR? You’d be mad to even contemplate it.”.

Hope springs eternal, however - so I’m going to do my best to trust the board, get behind the new manager, and behave like a loyal customer fan… and only put a modest bet on him being gone by Christmas.