On the subject of MarsEdit… I’ve been more than a little disappointed with the iPhone version of NetNewsWire (if you don’t know the connection, you haven’t been using a Mac long enough ;) ).

Admittedly my list of feeds is a bit bloated (typically I have between 1000-2000 unread items, which I have no doubt is actually a comparatively small number by Tom Smith’s standards).

However, I’ve found NetNewsWire to be slow, crash-prone (although definitely improved with the 2.1 os upgrade, so maybe we can blame Apple for that one), and generally not very smart about the way it works.

On the whole I think I prefer the NewsGator iPhone site, which essentially does the same job in a browser - but only because it gets me there quicker, not because the interface is necessarily better (in some ways it is worse).

In the unlikely event that Brent Simmons is reading this, here’s my quick fire list of how you could improve NNW on the iPhone: