Drupal Blogger For iPhone

There doesn’t seem to be an iPhone tool for blogging to Drupal, which is surprising since I can’t believe it’s that hard to do.

Until I got my iPhone, I tended to use Flock as my browser, and blog via that (not that I’ve blogged much in recent months anyway).

However, the utility of bookmark syncing with the iPhone was enough to force me back to Safari once I had one, and in any case Flock’s no use if I’m sitting on a train with just my phone.

Entering any amount of text is pretty painful on the iPhone at the best of times, but doing so in a web form via Safari is just too awful for words.

Which is annoying since I use my phone a lot now during my commuting, and it would be the ideal time for sharing the occasional random thought with this world - if only there was an easy way to get them down onto (digital) paper.

As I write this, I’ve just switched back to MarsEdit to give it a try. I used it all the time before switching to Flock, and might go back, especially since I gather that there’s an iPhone version in the works…