Tom In Town

tom outside the tate modern.JPGTom Smith and I went to the ULTRALAB Christmas party last week, which was also Stephen Heppell’s leaving do.

A good night was had by all, and it was fun for me to catch up with all the old gang from my time at the lab.

Tom & I stayed at the same hotel (the event was in deepest, darkest Essex), and as we both at a loose end the next day we wandered into town together, had fun getting slightly lost in the Tate modern, and inevitably ended up in a pub bouncing ideas off each other.

The weather was horrible, Tom’s back was giving him grief, and the day felt strangely subdued (possibly due to excess alcohol consumption the previous night), but I had a really nice time.

It reminded me how much I miss our conversations at the lab, or over a pint after a band practice. Must do it more often Tom!